Netscape Internet Service

Netscape Internet Service 3.0

Netscape Internet Service gives you everything you need to get and stay online

With unlimited Internet access and powerful e-mail Netscape® Internet Service gives you everything you need to get online and stay online. With Netscape you also have the option to add powerful features. Pay only for what you choose.

PC Anti-Virus Protection - Netscape Internet Service offers powerful PC Anti-Virus Protection for enhanced safety and security every time you’re online. With an average of more than 300 new computer viruses found each month, you need constant protection.

E-mail Virus Scan - Netscape Internet Service offers enhanced e-mail protection with E-mail Virus Scan. Your computer is automatically protected against known viruses via e-mail every time you sign on.

Extra E-mail Addresses - Now you can get multiple e-mail addresses for work, personal use, or for sharing accounts with family. Netscape lets you add up to two extra e-mail addresses to your Netscape account.

Extra E-mail Storage - Now you can make more room for all those e-mails, attachments, and photos. Simply upgrade your storage to 1gb, and you will enjoy 4x more storage so you don’t have to worry about running out of space for your important files. And you won’t have to clean out your inbox so frequently.

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